ritebuys.com took my money

I have ordered a TERK SIR6 home Sirius antenna form Rite Buys (www.ritetbuys.com) on November, 8 and still have not received my order and was charged for it. It has been over a month and the on line order status still states “Arrived”. I have emailed the company several times with a confirming read receipt. I never received any reply to these emails or a read receipt, I did receive a confirming that the emails have been deleted, great way to handle a problem, delete it and forget about it.

I then tried calling for the status of my order, after giving the person on the phone my order information he put me on hold to check with his shipping manger, properly the same person. He returned and told me “your order should have shipped and you should be receiving it soon”. Did anyone look up my order? What is the deal with “should have shipped”, sounds like there really is not a shipping department. I then asked him if he could tell me what date that my order shipped, his return was “thank you for calling” and then he hung up the phone. I have filed for a return of my money with American Express and hope that the Rite Buys will take them a little more seriously then me.

So my loss will be your gain. Take this information and pass the word and make sure that you do not use this company.



  1. Please report them to the Attorny Generals office of that state. They will be investigated. I think it is worth you effort and time. I have found 6 different companies selling this type of equipment and doing the same thing. Let them know who they are dealing with!

  2. I just had problem with them this week. I order the camera, they made me call them about it. Told me I have to get special battery for it (kind pushy) since it doesn’t come with it, cost a bit more – I was OK, fine I will pay for that. What could I do – I didn’t sound fishy too me… silly me.

    Got the camera the following week, its defective (battery or the charger or the camera doesn’t work).

    I had talked to maker they have told me Rite Buys responsibility to replace it. Fedrick at 1888 672 1194 X2033 told me he will contact me back. no sign of him. I called them told their system is down (in very rude manner). When I tried to contact Rite Buyers about RMA (return Merchandise Authorization) – they wont give it to me, I tried and tried – just bad rude behavior.

    If you google their name you find some scary stories about them. They actually own by FotoConnection.com – hopefully all of them will get some bad karma from this.

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