Streamload – free online file storage

Streamload is a great place to store your files online for off site backups. The free service is limited to 100 MB of downloads a month with 10 GB of storage. If something happens to your data and you need more then 100 MB you can upgrade to the paid service.

I am using this service for off site backups of my pictures and important data. I use a great free backup program called Cobian Back up, this program allows me to zip my backups with an option to choose my zipped file size. I have chosen 10 MB per zipped file because the service has a max file size of 10 MB. This way I can download 10 zipped files a month with the free service. If I lose everything I will just upgrade to a paid service that will allow me to download my imported data and I will just down load my pictures and other not so important data 10 files per month.

The files are just sitting there and if I need my complete backup I will upgrade my service. It is kind of like a pay as when I need it off site backup service. Give it a try and post your feedback in the comments.


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