Sirius Echo – Almost a good idea

I found this article on for the Sirius Echo. What this unit will allow you to do is “echo” you Sirius satellite signal. So if you get a good reception in your home office then you can use this device to get a signal in your bedroom.

This is almost a good idea. The problem is that you need to use a different antenna to receive the signal from the Echo base unit, just like a WI-FI router. This kind of seems like a bad solution to me. I have a boom box for my Sirius Sportster that I would like to use around the house. But some rooms in the house can not receive a signal. I am not going to carry the boom box and a separate antenna to the kitchen when I am doing the dishes.

The best solution for this problem would be to sell a personal repeater. This way the standard Sirius antenna can be used. The repeater can be placed anywhere in the house even the attic. Then you can have your radio anywhere in the house that you wanted.

Until then the only solution for me is to use the FM transmitter.

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