I built a Binaca Cannon

I found this at www.scitoys.com and was on AOTS so I decided to give it a try.

I used 1/2 shelving (had it in the garage) and cut one piece 3in x 2 1/2in and a second piece 3in x 5in with a 25% edge.

On the 3in x 5in I drilled a 5/16 hole and used a dremal to make a custom fit for the sparker. I soldered some wire on the sparker and then used a little hot clue to help hold the sparker in place.


On the 3in x 2 1/2in piece I drilled one 1/8 hole for the wire and two for the screws to attach for the film can cover.


I tinned the end of the wires and use a little hot clue to hold the wires in place. Then I uses hot clue to hold the two pieces together.


Sprayed a little Binaca in file can and attached it to the cover and boom!


Note: I tried hair spray and blew it apart, if you use hair spray only use a little.


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