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Dropbox invites

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I have used this for a few days and love it. Just save a document I am working on in my dropbox folder on my laptop while enjoying a coffee on the road. When I get back to my desk the file is waiting for me to continue.

Like the website says “it just works”.

I have a few invites. If you want one let me know. It is free!

3 thoughts on “Dropbox invites

  1. Hi,
    Any invites still spare?
    You could make one person real happy with just a couple of clicks 🙂



  2. Hi,

    Fun site you have here…glad I stumbled upon it.

    Would love to get an invite to Dropbox if you still have any available. It sounds amazing!


  3. If you have any invites left you’re willing to part with, could you send one my way? (bmichalski -@@-

    Thanks a ton,

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