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Month: June 2005

One Free Minute

KennY Fun Site 7 Views

This site allows you to call a phone number and leave a one minute message. Then this guy rides his bike and plays your message for everyone to hear. Free speech lives! KennY

Now You Listen to Me

KennY Fun Site 6 Views

Harrison Ford excels at acting with his finger, as you can see at the Harrison Ford Finger Gallery. KennY

New digital camera

KennY Kenny Stuff 13 Views

I bought a new digital camera today. My old Canon G2 was a little too big for me to carry around. As you can see from the photo the battery from my Canon is about half the size of the Sony. Now I will have to get working on adding a picture Gallery to this… continue reading »

I built a Binaca Cannon

KennY Kenny Stuff 8 Views

I found this at and was on AOTS so I decided to give it a try. I used 1/2 shelving (had it in the garage) and cut one piece 3in x 2 1/2in and a second piece 3in x 5in with a 25% edge. On the 3in x 5in I drilled a 5/16 hole… continue reading »